COVID-19 Anglesea Community Update 31 March

Anglesea Community Update on COVID-19
– current as of 31st March 2020
– please note, information will be changing rapidly
– previous updates can be found on our blog.

From 30th of March the Government has announced further  Telehealth medicare rebates for all Australians.

Included in these changes are rebates for Mental Health Care Plans, and also for allied health professionals to provide focused psychological services – counselling and psychology. We are also able to continue to provided Chronic Disease Management Plans and will continue to do so regularly.

There are high levels of anxiety and distress around this pandemic and this in turn can cause people to behave in unsocial ways. We’d encourage everyone to remain calm and act with kindness at all times. There is a lot that is out of our control, but we all have the opportunity to support each other and manage how we behave and adapt to this new situation. If you are finding that your responses to day to day situations are becoming more difficult to manage, please get in touch.

Here are some reliable and useful resources around mental health and COVID-19:

Mindspot and This Way Up provide online courses for managing many different mental health conditions and are currently free to use. We also have many highly experienced psychologists and mental health trained professional on the Surfcoast and in Geelong that are available to access via a GP Mental Health Care Plan.

We’d also like to remind everyone that it is important that people attend for usual medical and nursing care as they would prior to this situation – we do not want people to avoid seeing their GP out of concern for not wanting to overload the system.

There is a chance that people who delay seeing (via Telehealth or if necessary at the clinic) a doctor or nurse their condition may worsen and precipitate higher level care in hospital. We need to reduce the burden on the hospital system as much as possible and this is why we will continue to see people face to face where needed.

We are able to test for coronavirus in Anglesea for as long as our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies last – as many people would be aware, there is a shortage nationally and we are constantly sourcing more. We have been doing this testing already when people meet the current Clinical and Epidemiological criteria. In high risk cases or where people are not living nearby we may send them in to Geelong for further management.

At any stage, if you have questions or concerns please contact the clinic. Our receptionists will answer many questions, and if they are unable to, they will arrange for a doctor or nurse to speak with you – this may be at the end of the day if they can’t speak immediately.