COVID-19 Anglesea Community Update 17 April

This is a brief update. Firstly congratulations to everyone for being part of the global effort to reduce the incidence of new cases. In Australia we are in a unique position compared to the rest of the world with a significant reduction in the doubling rate. The coming weeks and months will be telling about where things go.
Our influenza vaccination clinics have been trialled and are running well.  We were fortunate to receive a new batch of vaccinations today and have opened up more clinics next week. Please rest assured that we will ultimately have enough of the funded immunisations for everyone, but they will continue to be sent to us in batches. Local pharmacies have also received stock, so if you require a script please get in touch. Due to new advice from the Department of Health we may be adjusting our process for the clinics, so please bear with us if we make late changes.
We would also like to remind people to try and remain calm and polite when interacting in the community. We recognise that there are high levels of distress and anxiety, which has been impacting on how people are behaving at times. Please remain calm and remember that we are all working hard to do our best in these extremely trying times.
We would also like to ask people to please remain calm when speaking with our receptionists – they, as does everyone, deserve to work in a safe and respectful environment. There is much out of all of our control, but we can support each other and manage how we behave. If you are finding that your interactions with others are creating further distress and that you are unable to manage your responses, please book in with one of our doctors or find some support through other organisations or community groups. Remember that we are all in this together.
Here are some resources we have previously shared around mental health and COVID-19 for easy access:
Be Kind, Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Updated criteria:
In Victoria the revised testing criteria include:
Fever OR chills in the absence of an alternative diagnosis that explains the clinical presentation
Acute respiratory infection that is characterised by cough, sore throat or shortness of breath.

Note: In addition, testing is recommended for people with new onset of other clinical symptoms consistent with COVID-19* AND who are close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 or who have returned from overseas in the past 14 days.
*headache, myalgia, runny or stuffy nose, anosmia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea